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Graduate Show CCAD 2009

Degree Show Review


Since first experimenting with this process for my degree show in 2009, I periodically go back to embedding collage in polyester resin. It's quite a technical and involved process, with numerous safety concerns, and the resin itself is extremely toxic and messy, but I do love the effect of layering the pieces and creating added depth to the final piece. The outline of the pieces become more visible, and it's also interesting to be able to see the incidental patterns and text on the reverse of the work. I think it's interesting that the process as simply a variation on the basic premise of collage, ie paper with an adhesive, in this case polyester casting resin. I love seeing my work on computer screens, and the illuminated effect of the images can be recreated by shining a light beneath these objects (See my Degree Show below)


Graduate Show CCAD 2009

For my degree show I was really looking for a way to present my collage in a different way. I always loved seeing my work on screens, or projected in dark spaces. Working with resin allowed me to illuminate the work in an analogue way, which was suggestive of the technological themes I was exploring

This review of my degree show by Fergal Gaynor originally appeared in Circa Magazine in 2009.