Tlön Series


This slideshow presents, in roughly chronological order, selected images from an ongoing series of work which was inspired initially by reading Jorge Luis Borges' work of speculative fiction, 'Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius' in 2012. This short story tells of an academic who discovers a rare encyclopedia in an antique book shop, which makes reference to a mysterious country called Uqbar in the world of Tlön. The discovery of this reference causes the language and culture of Tlön to manifest itself in the real world. I felt a strong identification with the premise of the discovery of other worlds and realities in a the pages of old books, because I spend so much time in charity shops and jumble sales looking for imagery to create fantastical landscapes and worlds. I began to explore the idea of working with globes, continuing my interest in recreating physical depth by working with spherical frameworks,  matching interior with exterior space, grading and organising images by perspective, then developing this into a process of grading imagery from horizon to aerial view points, in an attempt to create a patchwork world of fragmented visual information.